02 May 2018

Mozambique: Africa's largest suspension bridge is scheduled to open in June 2018!

The largest suspension brigde in Africa, the Maputo-Catembe bridge, which will connect Maputo with Catembe by crossing the Maputo Bay in Mozambique, is scheduled to open on this year's independence day of Mozambique (25 June). The brigde will be about three kilometers long, will have a width of 680m and will stand 60m above sea level. 

The Maputo-Catembe bridge is part of a larger infrastructure project that includes a set of access roads on both banks and other roads. One of the adjoining roads will link the bridge with the Ponto de Ouro border post (Mozambique) and the Kosi Bay border post (South Africa), so that the driving time from Mozambique's border with KwaZulu-Natal to Maputo will be cut by about four hours.

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